50% Revenue Share

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Revenue Share

Earn up to 50% of project profits

The Revenue Share commission program allows you to receive up to 50% of the project income. The latter is calculated based on the wagered money of the attracted players.
The Revenue Share calculation formula is as follows:

Partner income = (Bets - Wins - Bonuses - Additional Deductions - Admin Fee) × 25% .. 50%

The program is dynamic and profitable, depending directly on the partner's activity, or rather on the indicator of new players’ first deposits for the reporting period:

FTD / Per Month Reward (Commission)
0 - 5 25%
6 - 15 30%
16 - 20 35%
21 - 30 40%
31 - 50 45%
51+ 50%


The CPA program allows to earn a flat fee for those players who completed a required action. That is, if a player made a deposit, or played the required number of rounds in a game, you receive fixed payouts for such a player.
The CPA program is available upon request.

Referral program

Up to 5% of affiliate partners’ income

Referral Program allows you to earn by attracting new Partners. The base rate for the program is 5% of the income of the referred partner. To assess the effectiveness of your referrals, you can always check the transparent statistics in your personal account, broken down by day / referrals / invites. For your convenience, we provide you with all the advertising materials which are available in your personal account.

50% Revenue Share

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